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Fairy LiceMothers has helped tens of thousands of people with head lice. Here's what they have to say.

Great place! Can't say enough good things about it! It's expensive but at least the lice is treated properly. So many people don't treat properly and the lice returns. Kids get to watch Netflix, have snacks and drink soda. My daughter loved it. Thanks for making a bad situation much better!
-Kristine P.

Getting lice is so stressful. I was super frustrated with ineffective home treatment by the time I got to Fairy LiceMothers . They were so nice and knew exactly what to do. They did an excellent job on the initial treatment (on my girls with really long tangly hair). They calmed me down and provided lots of education on how to handle the situation. A bit expensive, but totally, absolutely worth it. Would definitely go back if we get lice again (hopefully never). They also offer products for home treatment that are much, much better than what you get at the grocery store. Non-toxic and effective. And they do lice checks -- very helpful. Love them. Highly recommend. We are so much happier now.
-Kari O.

I am so grateful to Stacey and her outstanding crew at Fairy LiceMothers . They were thorough, attentive and so supportive when I came in with three kiddos today. I could not have dealt with the situation without them. It was worth every penny.
-Lulu G.

I can't say enough good things about Fairy LiceMothers ! A friend referred me here after I tried an at-home treatment and just wasn't sure if what I was seeing was nits or dirt in the hair or what! I am SO glad I went because they could confirm my findings were indeed lice eggs & that after 5 days of combing, I still hadn't gotten them all out! Fairy LiceMothers , in my mind, offers peace of mind. The price is totally worth the service to leave there 99.9% lice free and the feeling that things are clear & back on track with a plan in place! We've worked with ALL the ladies there & each is so friendly & nice. There is a LOT of education involved that takes the fear out of this ordeal and helps build your mental strength to deal with a stressful situation. They are SO good with the parents & the kids (offering movies, snacks, drinks) to make everyone feel comfortable. I can't recommend this business enough and will continue to spread the word what an amazing idea & place this is if you are ever met with this situation.
-E D.

We had our first experience with lice and I am so happy we came to the Fairy LiceMothers ! They were so helpful and explained everything. The salon is so kid friendly. I highly recommend coming here if you ever have to deal with lice. They also answer phone calls 24hrs a day!
-Beggs N.

Getting lice is traumatic; treating lice (and getting rid of it!!), doesn't have to be. By the time we figured out that our daughter had lice, it was a pretty bad infestation. Her mom and I both had it as well. My brother had used the FLM earlier and recommended them highly, so they were our first call when I finally spotted the reason my daughter kept scratching her head.
You feel gross, dirty, and unclean, even ashamed, but when you call the FLM, that feeling goes away. I called at 12:30pm and was offered a 1:30pm appt, which I couldn't take, and they took us at 4:30pm. Little did I know that the initial treatment was so thorough that it can take up to 3 hours to complete, but they fit us in and took care of our entire family that very day and we left knowing that we were lice free and had a plan to ensure we stayed that way.
Each of the staff was so kind, humorous and friendly that we actually enjoyed going there for our check ups! If you find yourself needing treatment, I cannot recommend the Fairy LiceMothers highly enough. They are worth every penny!
-Lisa M.

I'm so relieved that there is a lice removal salon in town now! That's probably the one word I need to describe our experience - relieved! Stacey and her staff are a plethora of knowledge about lice and lice removal. They really take the fear out to the predicament as well. Their products are top notch and are all non-toxic. They do a great job in making the clientele feel comfortable. I hope not to be back soon, but I may stop in and say hello in the future! Thanks again to Stacey and her wonderful staff.
-Mia V.

I never knew there was a service such as this until my daughter came home with lice, sharing it with both me and after a sleep over with her G-ma, shared it with her as well...the gift that keeps on giving. Stacey and her team were not only professional, but confident, informative and calming.
-Minette C.

We had our first lice incident with our daughter. Because we discovered this over the winter holidays, it had spread from our daughter to everyone in the family. Luckily for us, Stacey at FLM, we were saved! She opened up her store early just for us and combed and treated everyone's hair. We were all clear after our 3rd check. If it was not her helping us, we would have been a mess. It's hard to take care of that many heads!
-Trang L.

This was one of the single best service experiences I have encountered. By the time we found out that our daughter had picked up lice, we all had it. It was our first time and encountered a lot of terrible advice on the internet. We did the right thing and called Stacey the next morning. She returned the message within 10 minutes and set us up with an appointment the same day. She said we should have called that night (even at 9pm) so that she could have talked us down a bit. We had to bring our 2-month old baby with us, and Stacey even cleared her calendar for us, so my wife could breastfeed comfortably. My 2.5 year old daughter loved the attention and was even excited to go back for the two follow-up visits (being able to watch Daniel Tiger through the whole thing certainly helped). Super curly hair? Not a problem. Extra help was called in. After the first treatment, Stacey made sure we were set up with the product and training to handle the rest of the week at home. Honestly, it's not inexpensive, but if you have not dealt with lice before, WORTH EVERY PENNY. Stacy knows what she is doing and is very thorough. Plus, she gave me a receipt that I can file with my insurance. It was a lot like a boot camp. Now that we have been through it, we can handle the next one on our own.
-Travis S.