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Fairy LiceMothers are dedicated to eliminating the persistent lice problem and educating the community on the use of safe and effective lice treatment methods.

Lice Treatment Pricing

Head Lice Checks

We provide a thorough head check using a patented nit comb and our non-toxic lice products.
$30 per Head
$25 per Head (Repeat Clients)

The Head Check is FREE if a lice treatment is provided.

Lice Treatments

We are Shepherd Method Certified and guarantee our lice treatment will remove all lice and nits.
$150 for buzzed hair
$175 for short hair
$225 for all other hair

Includes 2 FREE Follow Up Visits

Services are covered under Flex Spending. May be covered under Medical Insurance.

We accept the following credit cards:
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No lice is better than dead lice!

Beware of services that leave dead lice and their eggs (nits) behind.
Nothing kills all the lice and nits effectively. You need to comb them out. Not doing so is what leads to reinfestation. But, even so, do you want a head with dead lice and nits or NO lice and nits? Only Fairy LiceMothers guarantees you leave lice and nit free. Our certified lice removal treatment specialists use the proven Shepherd Method to comb out the lice and nits no one wants left behind. There are no exceptions. We make no excuses. You and your children are worth it.

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About Us

We are 3 mothers who started our lice treatment business in Oceanside, Long Island in early 2008 as an in-home lice removal service. Because of high demand for our quality service...

The Lice Treatment Process

Fairy LiceMothers are trained and certified in the Shepherd Method of strand-by-strand lice removal and nit removal. Learn how we treat head lice.

Do you think you have lice?

Send us a picture of the potential lice or nits.
We will reply back with an answer and some helpful advice.